BOBST Metalliser Purchased For In-House Processing

BOBST Metallizer Purchased For In-House Processing

The Bobst VISION K5 is the ideal machine for Bangladesh-based Kalyar as it is equipped to handle a wide variety of different film types, including heat sensitive and thin gauge films, and will be used for processing the very latest specifications of polyolefins.

Kalyar Replica Limited has purchased their first metalliser to bring their metallising process in-house. The VISION K5 1650mm will be up and running in the next month and is equipped with BOBST AluBond® for the production of CPP and BOPP with High Barrier and High Adhesion levels, as well as Bobst Hawkeye.

Established in 2008, Kalyar Replica Limited is one of the leading flexible packaging companies in Bangladesh. With a highly experienced team and technologically advanced machinery, Kalyar provides its customers with products which are almost defect-free in a competitive time period.

AluBond® is well known in the industry as a metallising process for polyolefin based substrates. Initially developed to increase metal adhesion on the most commonly used substrates, when applied to CPP and BOPP films, AluBond® also provides enhancement of oxygen and water vapour barrier performance. With the latest market demands in relation to sustainable packaging films, AluBond® is also being used to produce high barrier metallised CPP and BOPP mono-material laminates.

The machine also includes Bobst Hawkeye which is an in-line optical density deposition control and defect monitoring system. At full metalliser speed, Hawkeye detects, counts and categorises pinholes and other defects, alerting the operator so the issue can be rectified immediately resulting in less film waste.

Commenting on the purchase, Tasneem Sinha, Managing Director of Kalyar Replica Limited said, ‘When we decided to purchase our first metalliser, we needed a machine that could process a range of substrates. We chose Bobst and the VISION K5 as it can handle heat sensitive films as well as for the AluBond® process, which will enable us to produce CPP and BOPP films with both high barrier and high adhesion.’

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