BOBST Installs Vacuum Metalliser


Rahil (CPP) Films Pvt. Ltd, based in India, recently invested in a BOBST vacuum metalliser, a K5 VISION 2450mm for the production of metallised CPP film.

Rahil (CPP) Films produces metallised CPP film for the food packaging industry and supplies both domestic and overseas customers. Due to the increased demand for this type of film, Rahil needed to increase their capacity by purchasing a new metalliser.

As CPP is a very heat sensitive film, it requires careful handling. The BOBST K5 VISION is an ideal machine as it has been designed to handle a wide variety of film types, in particular thin gauge and heat sensitive films and can run at up to 840m/min, making it ideal for CPP and PE film producers. The machine provides better film cooling due to the increased surface area of the drum, with additional cooling provided by the 2-zone gas wedge, which provides better conduction of heat between the substrate and the drum. This is important for thermally sensitive materials.

Gaurav Mehta, CEO of Rahil (CPP) Films commenting on the new machine said, ‘When we decided to increase our vacuum metallising capacity to meet demand, BOBST was our first choice due to their reputation in the industry. The machine is now installed and is running well and we are confident that we made the right decision. We look forward to continuing our relationship with BOBST in the future.’

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