BOBST Hosts Gravure Printing And Laminating Event

BOBST Hosts Gravure Printing And Laminating Event
Introducing oneECG in gravure on the EXPERT RS 6003 press at the BOBST event.

According to Davide Garavaglia, Managing Director of Bobst Italia, the event demonstrated how the latest advances in gravure and lamination from Bobst are shaping the future of flexible packaging through solutions built around automation, digitalisation, connectivity and sustainability.

‘This creates value for all users along the interconnected value chain, elevating packaging quality and making printing and converting operations more agile, sustainable and profitable.’ The virtual event was hosted from its Competence Center in San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy, in February, which enabled attendees to witness the future of flexible packaging production.

The machines showcased were the EXPERT RS 6003 gravure press and the multi-technology NOVA D 800 LAMINATOR. Extremely fast job changeover on the gravure press was completed in under 14 minutes with only 95m of waste. The results have been achieved using two gravure jobs printed in oneECG Bobst extended colour gamut process, allowing the user to print a 14c job (CMYK + 9 spot colours + white) with just 7 fixed process colours and unique automation features, from the TAPS pre-setting at the touch of a button through to the highly flexible Flex Trolley, and the automatic pre-washing system.

BOBST Hosts Gravure Printing And Laminating Event
Presenting the demonstration on the NOVA D 800 multi technology laminator.

Matching the remarkable gravure press performance, the NOVA D 800 also demonstrated its high-level capabilities together with the unique flexo trolley, the flat tunnel design and the driven rollers. The lamination job demonstrated was processed at 400m/min coating the solvent-based adhesive directly on the 8μ alu-foil substrate, at speed with flawless optical quality and web-handling.

The PET-Alu-foil substrate combination highlighted the capabilities of the Bobst compact laminator to handle complex applications typical of the demanding food, beverage, cosmetic and pharma segments, such as retort pouches, thanks to features that are usually the domain of higher range machines.

Bobst presented a brand-new gravure press. The VISION RS 5003, which is an evolution of the RS 5002 and NOVA RS 5003 series, now features speeds up to 450m/min with fully automated job changeovers at production speed.

BOBST Hosts Gravure Printing And Laminating Event
The virtual open house team answering questions from the audience after the equipment demonstrations

The use of bio-based and polyolefin substrates, job customisation, shorter runs and faster time-to-market, set new challenges for the actors along the value chain, for which Bobst is already providing solutions. ‘At Bobst we are best placed to support the industry transformation and overcoming the challenges now and in the future. We have all technologies for production of flexible packaging so we can approach each challenge from an end-to-end view and develop the solution that best fits the given requirements at every stage of the production process’, concluded Garavaglia.

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