BOBST Customer Purchases Fifth Metalliser

BOBST Customer Purchases Fifth Metalliser

A BOBST EXPERT K5 2900 for production of high barrier films, which has been installed this year at Super Film based in Turkey, includes a host of unique features such as a 700mm diameter coating drum along with the AluBond process, Hawkeye in-line optical density deposition control and defect monitoring system and a High Rate Source.

This brings Super Film’s total of BOBST metallisers to five and cements the relationship, which began back in 1995. Super Film currently has capacity for 70,000 tonnes (and 60,000 tonnes planned investment in 2023) BOPP; 48,000 tonnes of BoPET and 29,000 tonnes/year of metallised film with enhanced barrier protection. Super Film aims to provide all film types to customers by increasing the product diversity within the flexible packaging films business and can offer special coated products, in addition to Turkey’s first and only extrusion (thermal) coating line.

The new machine incorporates a 700mm coating drum, which is the largest in the industry and unique to the EXPERT K5. The larger drum improves collection efficiency by 16%, which means less aluminium consumption resulting in maximum productivity and therefore production cost savings. It also includes a High Rate Source, which gives a higher speed of operation. Additionally, the EXPERT K5 has a wealth of other features to provide maximum machine uptime and consistent product quality.

The unique BOBST Hawkeye is an in-line optical density deposition control and defect monitoring system. At full metalliser speed, Hawkeye detects, counts and categorises pinholes and other defects, alerting the operator so the issue can be rectified immediately and resulting in less film waste. Also unique to BOBST is the AluBond process, which was initially developed to increase metal adhesion and dyne level on the most commonly used film substrates but is now fast becoming the standard metallising process for polyolefin based PP substrates due to its ability to increase barrier levels on these film types.

Commenting on the investment, Fahri Ozer, General Manager and Gültekin Savaskan Board Member at Sanko Super Film said, ‘We have had a long relationship with BOBST beginning over 25 years ago and are very happy with our existing machines. When it was time to invest in a new metalliser, BOBST were our first choice due to our history and the advances they have made in their metallising technology and processess in recent years. We are particularly impressed with the AluBond process, which will enable us to produce higher barrier BOPP and cast polypropylene films to meet our customers requirements.’


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