BOBST Customer Invests In Die-Cutter

BOBST Customer Invests In Die-Cutter
YL Ooi and ST Tan, The Phoenix Press.

The Phoenix Press made a strategic investment in a BOBST NOVACUT 106 ER die-cutter to increase capacity, improve productivity, and speed up delivery.

The manufacturer in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region has partnered with BOBST for over 20 years, leveraging its innovative die-cutting technology to deliver high-quality packaging products to its customers.

The Phoenix Press Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1948 in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. In 1990, it expanded operations and relocated to a spacious new 16,000 sqm printing plant across the water in Prai. The company’s modern printing plant is a prime example of seamless integration and automation with the ability to manufacture an extensive array of carton packaging products, which makes up 70% of volume, as well as books and magazines, security materials, and various other complementary services. The latest addition to the factory floor is the NOVACUT 106 ER Autoplaten® flatbed die-cutter, which has joined two older die-cutters and two folder-gluers also from BOBST.

As customer demands evolve and market challenges increase, The Phoenix Press recognises the need to continually invest in new technology to expand production capabilities and capacity. The new BOBST NOVACUT has enabled the company to handle a larger volume of orders without compromising on quality or delivery timelines. The advanced die-cutting capabilities of the machine means that Phoenix can cater to a wider range of customer requirements and accommodate the growing demand.

Combining cutting, stripping and blanking in one pass, the BOBST NOVACUT 106 ER efficiently handles paper, carton, solid board, and light corrugated board up to a maximum size of 1060 x 760mm (41.73 x 29.92 in). The die-cutter offers an appealing price-to-performance ratio, boasting an impressive processing speed of up to 7,000 sheets per hour. The smooth feeding mechanisms and in-line stripping functionality ensure seamless operations and precise registration for accurate results, while the automatic non-stop delivery system enhances productivity and minimises waste.

YL Ooi, Production Manager at The Phoenix Press, commented, ‘The NOVACUT aligns with our requirements perfectly and its integration into our factory floor has already increased productivity and efficiency. Moreover, the machine boasts a very user-friendly interface, featuring an intuitive HMI and straightforward, systematic instructions catering to all skill levels and making it very popular with our operators.’

By investing in the NOVACUT, Phoenix has also been able to meet its customers’ demands more effectively. The faster turnaround times and expedited delivery have contributed to enhanced customer satisfaction, and the high reliability of the machine has resulted in reduced downtime. Ooi said, ‘Our customers have noticed a significant improvement in turnaround times. They appreciate our ability to fulfill their orders promptly, which will no doubt lead to increased loyalty and more repeat business.’

The NOVACUT 106 ER has offered a significant speed increase, resulting in faster production cycles for The Phoenix Press. The machine’s advanced features, such as automated setup and changeovers, has reduced bottlenecks and improved overall efficiency as well as minimising waste of time, materials, and energy for better sustainability. This accelerated die-cutting process has strengthened the company’s competitiveness in the market and set them on the path for the future.

Explaining why The Phoenix Press chose to continue its partnership with BOBST, ST Tan, Managing Director at The Phoenix Press said, ‘Our experience over the many years of running our older BOBST machines, especially the two die-cutters, has proven that they more than live up to their high-quality reputation, both in speed, output quality, and more importantly, maintainability. That made it very easy to choose another BOBST machine to expand our production line.’

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