Berlin Company Improves Stapling Quality With Müller Martini Primera MC Saddle Stitcher


Berlin-based Möller Mediengruppe in Ahrensfelde is replacing its long-handled saddle stitchers Prima S and PrimaPlus with a new Primera MC from Müller Martini so that they can continue to offer the entire portfolio of complete operations with prepress, printing and finishing.

The Primera C140 saddle stitcher used since 2013 remains in operation. ‘With an annual sales volume of R357 million (€22 million), we need high-performance saddle stitching in-house,’ said Sylvio Antmann, Managing Director of the Möller Mediengruppe. ‘And the Primera MC takes over the work of two old saddle stitchers – an ideal solution for us.’

To absorb the resulting volumes while increasing productivity and improving the quality of stapling, the traditional family business is replacing the Müller Martini Prima S and PrimaPlus saddle stitchers, which have been in production for 17 and 13 years, with the latest generation of saddle stitchers. ‘With the old machines, the necessary cost-benefit ratio no longer existed,’ said Sylvio Antmann, explaining the latest investment decision. ‘And we’ve had good experiences with Müller Martini machines for years.’

Customers of the Möller Mediengruppe consist of internationally and nationally active shipping, trade and industrial companies and are also domiciled in the publishing and media industry. The orders placed will be 40 per cent adhesive and 60 per cent back-stapled – another reason for a powerful and reliable new saddle stitcher.

The new Primera MC, which will be equipped with eight stations, a merchandise sealer and a Perfetto stacker, will continue the long tradition of machines from Müller Martini and Kolbus at Möller Mediengruppe. The existing Primera C140 saddle stitcher and Kolbus brand Publica S adhesive tape have also been successfully used for years.