basysPrint is demonstrating how its single cassette 865 VF UV-Setter and multiple cassette 867 UV-Setter offer customers the choice of exposure resolutions of 1500dpi or 2400dpi, and how the unique flatbed design enables digital imaging of a wide variety of plate sizes while dual plate loading offers production speeds of up to 145 plates per hour, at Korea International Printing Machinery & Equipment Show (KIPES 2012) from 5 – 8 September.

A key feature is the modular design: customers can start with the basic manual version and easily upgrade to either a semi-automatic or fully-automatic model depending on their needs and demands.

Other features include the unique Dynamic Autofocus system that handles plate undulation – even for substrate thicknesses up to 10mm – and a new remote monitoring system allowing management and control via smart phones or tablet-type devices.

The UV-Setters deliver increased flexibility and enable additional revenue streams to be generated. Christophe Lievens, basysPrint’s Director of Sales and Marketing, said, As well as imaging UV plates for offset printing, the UV platesetters have a wide range of uses from imaging coating plates for spot varnish printing to all kinds of screen printing applications and even image dies for flexible die-cutting.

We are delighted that, with our valued distributor S&I Systems, we are able to showcase all these capabilities to key markets at KIPES, he added.