Barry Hasleham: A Lifetime Devoted to Print

Barry Hasleham- A Lifetime Devoted to Print
Barry Hasleham, Strategic Account Manager.

In the ever-evolving realm of print and document technology, Altron Document Solutions stands as a pioneer, shaping the future of printing across Africa. This success is driven by a team of passionate individuals, each bringing their own unique expertise and dedication to the table. This is a sponsored article.

Among these members is Strategic Account Manager, Barry Hasleham, whose journey in the printing industry began at a young age and has matured into a remarkable career.
Here we delve deeper and discover what makes Barry tick.

Barry’s journey in the printing industry is a testament to his dedication and passion. A spark ignited at the young age of 17 when he began a printing apprenticeship, and over the years, his enthusiasm for this ever-changing field has only intensified. Now, at Altron Document Solutions, Barry leverages his extensive experience and technical expertise to deliver exceptional service and solutions for his customers.

Barry’s knowledge of printing technologies is comprehensive, encompassing everything from the traditional art of lithography to the cutting-edge world of digital printing. This deep understanding allows him to navigate even the most complex challenges, offering insightful solutions to his customers.

Building strong relationships is a core principle for Barry. He takes the time to truly understand each of his customer’s needs, tailoring solutions that empower them to achieve their business goals. This commitment is reflected in his motto, ‘start with Xerox, grow with Xerox’ – a philosophy he’s embraced since his early days.

Barry believes in accompanying his customers on their growth journey – starting with entry-level equipment and expanding their solutions as their needs evolve. This long-term approach has fostered remarkable client loyalty; building not just solid client relationships, but strong and trusted partners. It has also led to a deeper understanding of market needs and the ability to anticipate its future challenges.

A love for printing, ignited at 17, set Barry on a lifelong journey. Today, his expertise in both traditional and digital technologies fuels his passion for delivering exceptional customer service.

The printing industry is a dynamic landscape and Barry embraces the constant evolution. He actively seeks knowledge through keeping an eye on industry forums, attending trade shows and staying informed about global trends. This adaptability allows him to navigate challenges like the continual rise of competition in print. Though an undeniable hurdle, Barry faces these challenges with an optimistic outlook, believing that innovation will pave the way forward for continued success.

Barry sees exciting potential in the future of print. He’s particularly interested in the possibilities of inkjet technology and the expansion of digital printing to accommodate larger sheet sizes. Additionally, he emphasises the significance of ongoing training and advancements in AI that promise to further streamline efficiencies.

Looking ahead, Barry is excited by an industry that he believes is changing faster than it ever has before. He also recognises the importance of continuous learning and the role AI will play in optimising printing processes.

When Barry isn’t pouring his expertise into his work and seeing to the needs of his customers, he enjoys hitting the greens for a round of golf – a game he’s held a long passion for. Adventure also beckons, as Barry embraces travel opportunities that allow him to explore diverse cultures and wide-open spaces over the hustle and bustle of city life.

Ultimately, Barry’s dedication extends beyond technical expertise. It’s fuelled by a genuine desire to support his customers. In fact, ask him what gets him up in the morning and he’ll answer that it’s a desire to ‘help my customers’. They are always top of mind. Barry’s dedication to the industry transcends mere profession; it’s a calling he has answered with a lifetime of refinement and dedication to the art of print.

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