Barbieri electronic has released its SpectroPad Series 2 device at FESPA Digital. Series 2 is the latest iteration of the firm’s colour measuring and process control device.

Marketing and sales manager, Wolfgang Passler said, ‘It’s handheld, wireless and portable battery operated so the user can take the device and use it directly on the printer without a computer.’

The SpectroPad Series 2 has a number of enhancements compared to the Series 1 device. The new locking mechanism locks the measuring cube when not in use so that the head is fixed when taking the device to the printer or back to the desk.

A new humidity and temperature sensor checks variations in environmental conditions, which can influence colour appearance. The WiFi interface on the device has also received several enhancements.

As well as the Fogra Media wedge, the SpectroPad Series 2 can also perform calculations based on Idealliance standards which can be done in the Gateway software, and also directly on the DOC option.

It is also the firm’s first device to evaluate image quality. ‘It can measure the homogeneity on the print according to Fogra M-Score and see whether there is banding,’ said Passler.