Aurora Labs Announces 3D Printer Distribution Deal with Weartech


Aurora Labs announced the 3D printer non-exclusive distribution deal that grants Weartech a non-exclusive distribution license in 14 countries within southern Africa.

Aurora managing director David Budge said, ‘This agreement gives us a foothold in the vast Southern African market without having to develop expensive infrastructure in the region. Weartech has established relationships with buyers of 3D printers in Africa and will promote our small format printers to its extensive network.

‘While developing our large format technology, we continue to focus on sales of our small format printer, and with a strong presence in a number of markets, we look forward to updating the market with our progress.’

Aurora continues to advance the developments of its large format technology (LFT) by printing a significant number of parts and shapes with its LFT prototype.

Recently, the company reached a critical milestone, with the ability for its prototype to print simple parts at market speed. Market speed is at a rate comparable to existing technology in the market, but at a fraction of the ultimate speed of the LFT, about 100 times faster than existing 3D printers.

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