SARS announced in the Government Gazette on 27 September 2013 that provisional payment in relation to anti-dumping duty is imposed on coated papers imported under the tariff heading of 48.10. from China and The Republic of Korea. Essentially this has imposed a duty of 14.14% on all coated paper imported from China, and 17.25% from Korea, excluding that manufactured by Hansol Paper and Artone Paper.
The duties are implemented immediately and will run for the provisional period to 14th March 2014, by which time a final determination on this issue going forward will be made by ITAC.
We are particularly pleased with this outcome which has vindicated Hansol’s reputation as a responsible, reliable and consistent supplier of a quality coated product to the South African market. Hi-Q Titan Plus is, and has been the leading coated paper product in this market for a number of years, the pricing for which, given the exceptional quality, has been at a fair value level, that this announcement has supported. We were steadfast in our belief that Hi-Q Titan Plus was not being sold in South Africa at a price level lower than the Hansol domestic price in Korea, and this confirms that, commented David James, Marketing and Purchasing Director at Antalis South Africa. 
Antalis South Africa is the sole stockist and distributor of the Hansol coated paper, Hi-Q Titan Plus in South Africa.