Antalis UK has turned its website into a Digital2Business platform to provide digital printers, service providers and users with more interactive and engaging access to a wealth of information, advice, consultancy and insight into the digital print world.

Antalis’ objective for Digital2Business is to provide a ‘hands on’ platform of information share, where users can engage and interact, share knowledge and obtain expert input, as well as keep up to date with events and all the latest technology developments through close links with third party OEMs.

The website has a new feature called, ‘Ask the Experts’, where users can ask questions or seek advice via a live link to the digital team at Antalis’ centre of excellence for digital printing and technology. The site also features technical knowledge and know-how, a gallery of innovative and inspirational case study applications, useful downloadable reference content as well a dedicated FAQs section covering a range of topics.

Users can also access Antalis’ entire digital product portfolio from one central location, giving them insight into innovative substrates on offer.

Rebecca Chandler, marketing executive said, ‘The revamp and relaunch of our D2B website reflects Antalis’ approach to digital printing. We are very much ‘hands on’, we don’t just supply digital media, we have technical advice ready for customers to download, a dedicated digital catalogue and experts online ready to answer your live questions.’