Agfa Graphics unveiled the new Arkitex Production at World Publishing Expo 2013. The new Arkitex workflow is more than a simple upgrade of previous editions of Arkitex, which celebrates its 10 year anniversary at WPE 2013. It is a radical change of how work gets done. It is designed for newspaper print production and builds on the best of Agfa Graphics' experience with Arkitex and the experience of more than one-thousand customers around the world.

Jeff Cord, Arkitex Marketing Manager, Agfa Graphics said, 'Arkitex Production is being designed as a completely new system built from the ground up and with a new look, but at its heart and in its DNA is Arkitex. People will expect to access their workflow from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. By using HTML5 as a core part of the Arkitex workflow product, we can natively support a wide variety of devices.'

Newspaper groups are consolidating multiple production sites into single, easier to manage, larger systems and newspaper printers are looking to increase their contract print work. At the same time, individual publishers and groups are looking to outsource system management. Arkitex Production is designed to accommodate the production requirements off the smallest newspaper printer to the largest publishers and groups.

It provides secure system and data access locally and in the cloud for all types of customers. Arkitex Production is already production-proven because it is based on an enhanced version of the 64-bit architecture and server used in Arkitex Portal. Arkitex Production is fully compatible with current Arkitex components and will allow easy upgrades to existing systems.