Agfa Graphics Introduces Platesetter For Newspaper Market


Agfa Graphics has introduced a high-speed platesetter for the high-volume newspaper market. The Advantage N TR VHS produces up to 400 plates per hour, which is 50 plates faster than the Advantage N TR HS.

The Advantage N TR VHS allows newspaper publishers to deliver the latest news and last-minute offers to their daily readers with sharper production deadlines. It will also help newspaper publishers to replace multiple, slower CtP engines with faster, yet fewer units.

This not only saves on new CtP investments but also on processing equipment or punch and bending machines. Fewer CtP engines also require less floor space while less processing equipment drastically reduces the labor cost for cleaning and refill.
Emiel Sweevers, marketing manager for Newspaper Engines, Agfa Graphics said, ‘With these new systems, Agfa Graphics again shows its commitment to the newspaper industry by offering state-of-the-art CtP technology that meets the requirements of the premium level segment in the newspaper market. Everyone in the industry is also looking for automation, improved production efficiency and cost savings. This is not different in the high-volume segment. We are dedicated to newspapers and can be an ideal partner for them. We offer the expertise in hardware, complete workflow solutions and consumables, covering the entire pre-press production for print. Our goal is to continue developing solutions that enable our customers to effectively meet the current market challenges head-on and win.’
The Advantage N TR VHS features a trolley to transport plates from safelight environment to the platesetter. This gives operators the flexibility to load the plates in a separate yellow safelight environment more easily and efficiently, in case switching to yellow safelight conditions is not possible in the room where the CtP device is installed.  

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