Agfa Graphics Announces IntelliTune And OptiInk


Arkitex Enhance IntelliTune is aimed at newspaper printers that use large quantities of different quality images arriving from a wide variety of sources. Arkitex Enhance OptiInk is designed for printers that wish to reduce the cost of ink usage while improving colour quality and providing greater stability on the press at the same time.

IntelliTune is unique to the newspaper market as the preferred tool to improve images quickly. The results on press are high-quality images with a consistent look and feel throughout the whole publication.

With the new IntelliTune version 5, Agfa Graphics has included a series of innovative techniques. Perceptual Image Processing uses a device-independent working space, taking image enhancement to a completely new level. Major benefits:
• Provide a uniform result after processing for all image types (Grey, RGB and CMYK), which  was not the case with conventional techniques. Unsharp masking (USM) would be totally different for RGB and CMYK images.
• Selective USM setting to sharpen or smooth. In particular, IntelliTune’s skin tone filtering can both smooth skin tones while sharpen the rest of the image at the same time. This produces pleasing results for pictures of faces.
• Superior skin tone handling.
• Edge-preserving smoothening with noise protection, to reduce unwanted noise in the images.

Barry Landsberg, Arkitex Marketing Manager, Agfa Graphics said, ‘OptiInk version 5 also represents a large leap forward. The new USM, skin tone filtering and noise reduction designed for IntelliTune, also apply to OptiInk. It uses our Dynamic Low-Ink Coverage (DLC) technology to produce the highest possible ink savings and still preserves the quality on print.’

Agfa Graphics also announced the new stand-alone OptiColor Server, a new built-in dotgain tool for fast-track profiling to quickly and easily adjust for press conditions. Both provide the ultimate in automated colour transformations, ensuring that any PDF image file produces the same colour appearance no matter what device it is viewed on, or what press it is printed on.

The company made these announcements at WPE2015 (Hamburg-Germany).

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