Acucote Expands Portfolio Of Tamper-Evident And Dry Release Products


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, takeout and the use of food delivery services have increased dramatically. Consumers are now demanding secure closure labels on delivered food containers and packaging. Brands are stepping up to the task by introducing closure labels to indicate that the package was not tampered with after leaving the restaurant or store.

Acucote’s Dry Release technologies serve as food closures, and can provide additional proof-of-tampering. For food closures, Diamond-Cote Single Ply products are ideal for single-side messaging, and Diamond-Cote® EZ products are ideal for two-sided messaging. The newest solution from Acucote is a security feature paired with Diamond-Cote EZ. The company can now provide a customised printed message or logo between the leave behind ply and the pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds the label to the package. The result is a unique opportunity to convey additional brand identity or a security message on the leave-behind film which remains on the food packaging once the closure is removed.

According to Earl Curran, VP Business Development, ‘These turbulent times require rapid development of new solutions for food security and tamper-evidence. We are very pleased to offer our new Diamond-Cote EZ printing capability for added messaging as well as a full portfolio of tamper-evident products to assist converters in meeting the new requirements in their food service to customers.’

In addition to food security, dry release technology can be used to increase loyalty and lock in future business. Dry release coupons can feature incentives for future purchases by displaying a discount or promotional message on the facestock peeled away from the container.

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