X-Rite Customer Upgrades To Newest Version Of Packaging Print Quality Control Programme

X-Rite Customer Upgrades To Newest Version Of Packaging Print Quality Control

With ColorCert™ ScoreCard Server, Asda, one of the largest British supermarket retailers, and its print packaging suppliers can create customised reports tailored to their specific requirements and drive additional process improvement.

Asda has upgraded to the newest version of ColorCert ScoreCard Server. Asda has used the ColorCert™ Suite for the past seven years as part of its print quality control programme to manage packaging colour and consistency across its 12,000 SKUs and multiple print suppliers.

The company worked with X-Rite to beta test the latest release of ColorCert ScoreCard Server, which is now fully implemented.

As part of the beta testing programme, X-Rite met with Asda to understand how their brand team and print suppliers used ColorCert ScoreCard Server. The team discussed what worked and where there were opportunities for improvement. Asda expressed interest in tailoring colour data per sector, substrate, and supplier in more detail to meet their exact reporting requirements.

‘When X-Rite gave us a demonstration of the redesigned ColorCert ScoreCard Server and showed us all the new functions and features, it aligned with our initial requests and feedback,’ said Jason Gilmartin, Senior Print Manager at Asda. ‘We entered testing in a strong place, with our user group seeing some of the key reporting changes immediately.’

‘For the last few months, we have used the latest release of ColorCert Scorecard Server and are fully migrated. This type of change can be quite worrisome, but given the due diligence that has gone into it, I am confident about making this move. I look forward to using this release to strengthen our print quality control programme,’ continued Gilmartin.

‘Collaborating with Asda allowed us to design the most advanced and integrated cloud-based platform for brands, pre-media, and print production managers,’ said Jason Campbell, ColorCert Product Manager, X-Rite. ‘With advanced reporting and analytics, both brands and print suppliers can drill down into specific jobs, compare colour quality between print and packaging component runs, and uncover trends over time. This helps customers quickly identify colour related issues, optimise production processes and improve colour quality scores.’

Part of the ColorCert Suite, the ScoreCard Server provides an overall view of print quality and colour performance in a single number score that is relevant and easy to understand. Built from the ground up using a modern, secure and flexible architecture, ColorCert ScoreCard Server features a new interface that allows converters to configure dashboards and create custom quality reports tailored for their daily print production meetings.

ColorCert ScoreCard Server is an open software ecosystem that supports today’s digital packaging workflows. It integrates with X-Rite Color iQC, IntelliTrax2 Pro, eXact Auto-Scan Pro, PantoneLIVE™, XRGA-based pressroom spectrophotometers, AVT SpectraLab, Esko Color Trace, and qualified third-party quality control software.

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