UPM Raflatac Releases New Labelling Materials


The Rêverie 2 collection is for wines, spirits, and craft beverages, and was developed in response to the latest market trends and demands. It includes a variety of FSC-certified materials (FSC-C012530) from sustainably managed forests as well as materials made from 100% recycled content and other controlled sources.

This helps brand owners to reach their sustainability targets linking to mitigating climate change or promoting a circular economy. The collection has been created in collaboration with UPM Raflatac’s partners to meet their expectations, and it enables innovative printing techniques and finishes.

‘A product’s label is a key touchpoint that provokes an emotional reaction and establishes an instant relationship with consumers, and we developed this collection with that in mind,’ explained Vincent Tavernier, Business Development Manager, Wine, Spirits, & Craft Beverage, UPM Raflatac. ‘Labels can communicate a lot about the character of the product they represent, and we’re excited to offer brands the opportunity to put their best foot forward in the competitive wine, spirits, and beverage market with intriguing label designs that tell a compelling story.’

The Rêverie 2 collection comprises the following materials:

UPM Raflatac Jazz Ice Premium-FSC: a versatile material with a new light, textured design and an excellent ice-bucket performance. This material gives room for creativity and bold designs, making it a perfect choice for labelling spirits bottles.

UPM Raflatac Jazz Silver Ice Premium-FSC: an iridescent version of Jazz Ice with liveliness, freshness, and dynamism combined with excellent ice-bucket performance. With its freshness, it is well suitable for labelling white, rosé and sparkling wines.

UPM Raflatac Ronda PCR Ice Premium-FSC: an elegant, refined material made from 100% recycled content with an optimal level of whiteness and superior embossing properties combined with excellent ice-bucket performance.

UPM Raflatac Rust: a super-premium material that communicates authenticity and craftsmanship. It reminds you of the ground and soil and suits spirits and craft beer labels or red wines.

UPM Raflatac Sabrage Blanc de Blancs Ice Premium: a material that meets the true premiumisation needs of the market. Highly elegant and suitable for high embossing and debossing, it is the ideal solution for combining the tactile properties of cotton fibres with excellent ice-bucket performance.

With these label materials, brand owners can showcase their innovativeness and sustainable mindset and differentiate from others.

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