Toyo Ink’s New Series Supports Commercial Printers

Toyo Ink's New Series Supports Commercial Printers

The new FLASH DRY™ (FD) LED S5 inks are fully compliant with REACH registration requirements and EuPIA Exclusion Policy and no longer require the EU GHS08 (health) or GHS09 (environmental) hazard labelling. The FD LED S5 ink compositions have also been designed to meet the ISO 2846-1 colour standards to support commercial printers whose offset presses are running to ISO 12647-2 specifications.

The formulations have also been certified for deinkability by the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) Method 11, with a passing score of 100/100 points. The FD LED S5 inks is a new line of low energy-curable LE-UV and LED-UV inks for the offset printing market. Developed at Toyo Ink Europe’s lab in Belgium, the FD LED S5 inks are highly reactive and require minimal levels of energy to cure, while offering higher gloss levels and a wider water window. These improvements result in increased performance for consistently stable and high quality print results.

‘The Toyo Ink Group has long been at the forefront of UV printing technology development,’ said Andrey Andreev, European Product Manager, Low Energy Products and Technology of Toyo Ink Europe. ‘Leveraging the Group’s expertise in highly-reactive raw materials design and formulations for low-energy curing, Toyo Ink Europe has been aggressively pursuing the group’s goal of bringing the most advanced and sustainable systems to the global marketplace. The Flash Dry series has already established itself as a trusted and well-reputed brand in the industry, and we are delighted to have brought better productivity and performance to this popular low-energy-curing ink line-up. The new FD LED S5 inks are also deinkable and designed to meet the sustainability needs of today’s commercial printers.’


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