Toray Industries, a manufacturer of waterless offset plate technology, will present a ‘good news’ story to the newspaper industry at the upcoming WAN-IFRA 9th Middle East Conference to be held in Dubai, from 12-13 March 2014.

Waterless offset printing is an environmentally friendly printing process that delivers higher quality, reduces waste and increases the productivity of newspaper and semi-commercial printing operations.

Mitsunori Hayashi, General Manager of Sales and Marketing for the Toray Graphics factory in the Czech Republic said, ‘In an industry that is under pressure, seemingly from all sides, we are excited to be bringing some good news to newspaper printers and publishers at the all-important 9th annual WAN-IFRA conference for the Middle East. Ecological printing is no longer seen as an expensive luxury, but as a profitable business. For newspaper printers, taking advantage of the benefits of waterless printing is easier than they may think.

‘We are pleased to be able to help our customers improve productivity, increase asset utilisation, open up new business opportunities and maintain their competitive edge as a result of the printing advantages Toray Waterless plates deliver. The ability to offer high quality, without changing the ink enables them to enter the semi commercial and magazine market.

‘This, increased quality, productivity and profitability, can be passed along to newspaper publishers and will be appreciated by newspaper readers.’

With the theme of ‘The Future Starts Today’, the WAN-IFRA conference, aimed at newspaper publishers and printers, will feature some of the industry’s most renowned experts who will be sharing successful business and production strategies. Participants will also experience a virtual tour of trends around the Middle East, where print is still thriving and driving much of the infotainment business.

‘For most of today’s newspaper printing plants, whether independent or belonging to a publishing house,’ added Hayashi, ‘making production more efficient and lower cost is no longer simply an option. It is a necessity to survive and to stay competitive. This conference is a fantastic platform for Toray to present to the region’s successful newspaper publishers and printers ways they can further improve their print production and their services for their customers, while at the same time introducing significant economies. The reception to this message in other regions has convinced us that the combination of benefits offered by waterless printing for newspapers will be very interesting for printers and publishers across the Middle East.’

To make waterless technology more accessible to Europe, North America and the Middle East, Toray recently opened a new European plate production facility in the Czech Republic. The factory, which opened in November 2013, produces all types of CTP waterless plates for the European, American and Middle Eastern markets, including the highly durable MX10 plate for newspaper and semi-commercial printing. Since its introduction in 2012, the MX10 plate has provided enhanced productivity to a number of newspaper printers using KBA Cortina presses.

‘The overall newspaper printing market is certainly facing a wide range of challenges. Yet there has been a distinct acceleration in demand for waterless printing technologies within that market. Toray has made a steady effort to improve the materials used and to continue to accumulate waterless printing technical know-how that benefits its customers as they work to improve their operations. These efforts are clearly being recognised and appreciated by newspaper printers, who are adopting waterless offset technology in greater numbers than ever before,’ Hayashi concludes.

At the conference, Toray will showcase the variety of product possibilities waterless offset printing affords adopters of the technology with a wide array of creative coldset and heatset print samples.