Taopix Brings Benefits To Photo Personalisation Market With New Product

Taopix Brings Benefits To Photo Personalisation Market With New Product

Taopix has added new features and has focused on ways to help customers generate more revenue with the new 2019r1.

‘Our most exciting feature about 2019r1 is the addition of text tags, that allows for automatic population of text throughout a project like names and ages for example. This will enable a customer to truly personalise a book or product without the tedious need for re-entering the same details throughout a design,’ said Stu Marlow, head of product design for Taopix.

‘We understand the importance of metrics and tracking customer behaviour, which is why we’ve also included as part of Taopix 2019r1 Google Tag Manager Support for Taopix Online. This allows you to implement analytics in Taopix Online Designer – as well as take advantage of all the other features available through Google Tag Manager,’ continued Marlow.

Other significant features in this release include the desktop application’s smart reposition feature that will move items that are at the edge of the page to avoid poor trimming, which enables professional photographers as well as consumers to design efficiently without the concern of losing a part of their design. Taopix 2019r1 also includes the support of Google Photos in both desktop and online applications, PHP 7.2 support as well as a new Taopix Health Check that reviews data storage with an early warning management system.

‘We are continually looking for ways to assist our customers in growing their revenue and improving their offering to the end-user. The addition of the text tags to Taopix Online will allow users to personalise photo-gifts in a much more efficient way, allowing for a more streamlined customer journey. We believe that this will significantly improve the customer experience and enable our clients to boost their sales,’ said Steffen Haaga, Taopix commercial director.

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