Siegwerk Announces Plans For Ink Blending Centre In Bangladesh

Ashish Pradhan, CEO Siegwerk India, talking at the media conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The new centre in Bangladesh is expected to start operation in the fourth quarter of 2019. With this expansion, the company significantly strengthens its domestic business in the country while extending its position across the overall Asian region.

Siegwerk has been supplying inks to printers in Bangladesh since the mid-nineties. ‘We have established a very good customer base with sustainable growth in Bangladesh. We now want to get closer to our customers, supporting them more effectively with individually formulated ink solutions that match their local printing requirements,’ said Ashish Pradhan, director Siegwerk Bangladesh Limited. 

Presently, inks are imported from Siegwerk’s plant in India. Going forward, the new centre will blend solvent and water-based inks, as well as UV and conventional offset inks directly in Bangladesh. ‘The new Blending Centre will enable us to make our products and solutions even more accessible to local customers and enhance our service capabilities across the country, while strengthening our leadership position,’ added Pradhan. 

The new centre will be a toluene-free environment. This means, toluene, or any raw materials containing toluene, will not be used as intentionally-added ingredients at all. All produced inks will be compliant with global regulatory and brand owner requirements to ensure products are safe for the end-use packaging applications.