Scodix will be exhibiting the new Scodix Ultra digital enhancement press at Ipex 2014 expo, taking place from 24-29 March 2014 at the Excel Convention Centre in London.

The Scodix Ultra digital enhancement large format press prints up to B2+ size sheet format 545 x 788mm (21.5 x 31 in) and is ideal for a variety of applications including general commercial and packaging, web-to-print and VDP applications.

It produces high print quality due to the Scodix RSP™ Technology (Rotate, Scale, Position) using CCD camera system, to allow image-to-image registration. Scodix Twin-Tray™ Technology,UV Fixed-Array ensures high productivity. Efficiency is also ensured due to the automatic CCD camera positioning and automatic maintenance. Other features include Scodix SENSE™, Scodix High Impact, Scodix Variable Densities and Scodix 99 GU.

Scodix’s patent-pending technology, based on a multi CCD camera system and dedicated software algorithms, rotates, scales and positions the Scodix print enhancement image with pinpoint accuracy, scanning every sheet to deliver the PolySENSE™ to its exact location.

The completely digital stand-alone solution supports barcode and variable data applications. Compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print, the press automatically processes a wide range of paper formats and substrates, with no need for any additional complex setup:
• Up to B2+ size sheet format 545 x 788mm (21.5 x 31 in).
• Material weights from 135 to 675 gsm / 6 to 30 points.
• Material thickness, up to 0.7mm / 700 microns.
The patent-pending Scodix Ultra™ Twin-Tray Technology is a highly accurate media handling system that guarantees high print quality, consistency and reliability. With two trays operating simultaneously, and with an independent motion system for each tray, the Scodix Ultra™ reaches the ultimate ratio of performance and efficiency, every time.

The Scodix Ultra™ Digital Press, based on a fixed-array of inkjet UV print-heads, meets the needs of commercial PSP’s and folding-cartons convertors. Our digital press supports enhancements for a wide variety of applications.

Enhance literature stationary items, book covers, boxes and premium packages, marketing materials, greeting cards, photo albums with VDP capabilities based on a barcode system, and more. You can also place your stamp on almost any printed media.

By touching the senses with prints that stand out, Scodix SENSE™ leaves a lasting impression, delivering true print differentiation to the print service provider (PSP), their clients and the products.

A clean, green process that contains no polluting additives, Scodix SENSE™ eliminates plates, molds, chemicals, and solvents, while reducing energy consumption. Scodix SENSE™ output is non-toxic and recyclable. Print service providers and their customers enjoy the freedom to print runs of any size on demand.