Ricoh SA has has launched its social media campaign, using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The goal of the campaign is to bring Ricoh messages, news, announcements, and industry insights to opinion influencers, analysts, partners, suppliers, customers, and employees and engage them in a dialogue.

Social media offers ubiquitous communications tools that help us to engage our audiences and communicate important, relevant, and interesting information while gauging their opinions, gaining their feedback, and driving toward the way we will work in the future, said Dierdre Fernandes, marketing, events, CSR, PR and sponsorship co-ordinator at Ricoh SA.

The company’s channels can be found at, @Ricoh_SA, and

Ricoh SA selected the three channels for their ability to reach a wide audience and range of social media channel tastes and uses targeted content to ensure a clear direction for its community.

The content focuses on Ricoh’s services emphasis in vertical markets. Key verticals for Ricoh SA are healthcare, education, finance, logistics, legal, government, and commercial printers. Ricoh SA also supports a number of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, such as The Love of Christ Ministries, which aids abandoned and orphaned babies, 17 Squadron, a South African Air Force squadron dedicated to humanitarian and peace support missions, the Ricoh Pumas wheelchair basketball team, and more. These will also be showcased via Ricoh SA’s ongoing social media campaign.

Our messages offer access to useful information for our community, such as sponsored studies conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit that demonstrates healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech executives are becoming more reliant on technology, said Fernandes. Another study that offers insightful views to our community shows that African and European business leaders are more concerned about losing their competitive edge than their global counterparts.

Ricoh SA has employed its South African marketing partners to assist with the development, rollout and maintenance of the campaign.