Ricoh has released the Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts + and the Ricoh Pro C901S Graphics Arts + digital colour production systems which enhance productivity for those in the production printing industry.

One of the new features is the inclusion of EFI E42 or E82 print servers while new features to speed up job preparation and enable more work per shift include a HyperRIP which improves performance by processing multiple job pages simultaneously, Xobjects caching to enable PDF files that include Xobjects to print at speeds previously associated only with VDP jobs. There is also inline job editing, ideal for tasks such as the application of additional job options directly from the job list without opening Job Properties, and there is also a Job Preset Quick Select that applies the same predefined settings used in virtual printers and hot folders to jobs in the job list.

These enhancements ensure that customers remain at the forefront of the fast-paced developments in the production printing industry, said Vaughan Patterson, sales manager for the production printing business group at Ricoh SA. This launch follows the news from InfoSource that Ricoh is the best-selling brand for production devices/colour presses during the first three quarters of 2012.

Productivity is further addressed with an uprated duty cycle of up to 700000 – 20% more than previously. Uptime is also improved with larger sized toner bottles that require fewer changes per shift. Depending on toner coverage they deliver on average 67000 clicks, up from 63000, to reduce costs-per-page and improve profitability margins.

Substrates up to 350gsm are now included as a part of the standard settings on both models with the media library continually updated to reflect broader grade choices.

Ricoh’s PxP chemical toners and oilless fusing technology ensures the systems deliver near-offset results, and offer a production speed of up to 90 pages-per-minute for multiple paper types thanks to built-in Air-Assist technology. Consistent image quality is also assured with advanced image stabilisation, single direction development, mechanical paper registration, enhanced fusing technologies and automatic calibration adjustments. 

The Pro C901S Graphic Arts + is also equipped with a high speed full colour scanner that captures hard copy originals for copying, editing, storage or electronic document distribution. The Automatic Document Feeder scans stacks of images in full colour, grayscale or black and white, enabling users to control file size and image quality for each application.      

These new systems demonstrate Ricoh’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovating market-leading choices for the printing industry. In addition to our technology we are also focused on providing a wide range of services to help our customers in their goal of expanding their own business portfolio and meeting client needs into the future, said Patterson.  

The Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts + will feature at the Hunkeler Innovationdays exhibition in Lucerne, Switzerland, from February 11 to February 15.