Ricoh Announces New Set Of Capabilities For Ricoh Pro VC60000


Ricoh announced a new set of capabilities for the Ricoh Pro VC60000 next generation continuous feed inkjet platform. These new features will empower customers to print more productively, save time and money and expand their portfolio of offerings.

Ricoh made this announcement at the pre-drupa international media conference (29 February-2 March 2016, Germany, Düsseldorf). The new enhancements to the VC6000 include:

  • Increased speed: The Pro VC60000 can now achieve production speeds of 150 metres/minute, a 25 per cent increase in maximum speed, while producing exceptional print quality. This is an unprecedented combination of production capacity and image integrity, a combination that the inkjet market has been demanding and can finally capitalise upon.
  • For customers who want to run a variety of applications including full colour or black and white, they can selectively engage the printhead modules on the Pro VC60000. Printhead arrays that are not required for a specific application are disengaged by the printer. This provides customers with cost savings and flexibility when printing in black and white.
  • Extensions to Colour Control: The Pro VC60000 already produces incredibly rich, bold, and accurate colour, and new enhancements will take that even further. Customers will now be able to add custom control bars, perform spot colour editing, and even dynamic colour substitutions, providing customers with incredible flexibility when generating full colour applications.
  • Productivity and Application Enhancements: Customers will now have more choices as to how applications are processed, stored and reproduced with new RIP and Print options. Further, the Pro VC60000’s DFE now calculates and compensates in real time for any changes in paper characteristics that might impact image placement and quality. Customers can also use a supported printable sheet size of 20 x 54 inches (maximum page length of 1371mm), making the transition of offset and cut sheet digital applications even easier.

'As our track record for the past nine years in production print has proven, we will not stop expanding and pushing the capabilities of our platforms,' said Benoit Chatelard, Vice President, Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Europe. 'We know our customers and their clients are always looking for new ways to innovate and impress in order to meet and exceed market requirements. We are here to make sure that can happen every day, and today’s announcements help deliver on that promise.'

The Ricoh Pro VC60000 is a next generation continuous feed inkjet printer that enables users to quickly deliver eye-catching, targeted, and critical output to their clients. The device streamlines operations for fewer steps, more savings and more efficiency in producing high quality commercial print applications.

The Ricoh Pro VC60000 offers the ability to print up to 150 metres per minute. It can print at resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, while still providing the agility to efficiently produce customised campaigns to capture, transform and manage variable customer data at a moment’s notice. Its drop-on-demand printheads intelligently adjust ink use for the job to save on ink costs, while maximising near-offset quality. With support for a wide selection of paper stocks, users and their clients have more freedom to choose the right medium to reach the right customer.

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