Released Latest Version of All-In-One Designer (AIOD) 2.5.1


Design’N’Buy launches the upgraded version of All-In-One designer software with some bug fixes, updated features, and new enhancements. The all in one designer software is available on DesignNBuy site. Through this software, the company looks forward to improving its web to print technology and enhance user-experience. It has made changes in the back-end server components, software applications, and design studio elements to come up with entirely innovative software, in the industry. Throughout the software development process, the company has primarily focused on application performance to cater to customer satisfaction.

The AIOD 2.5.1 software is equipped with latest features and technologies and serves great benefits for the users. The software has a variable data printing workflow, added live 3D preview feature with 360° rotation. It allows its admin to manage centralized image gallery, access saved orders and designs of customers and also edit it for advance processing. The updated design studio interface is another addition to the list of software attributes. Moreover, the software offers product customization options to its customers. Also, there are more controls on product customization settings, for example, enable/disable 3D preview, canvas border settings, VDP, background options and other settings.

With the one of powerful all in one designer HTML5 software, users can expect a different level of software experience altogether. They can enjoy great user-interface and personalize their usage. The flexible software allows end-users to setup product personalization as design studio only, quick edit only, multiple design choices and lot more. They can also mostly benefit from the latest software update of the web-to-print solution. “The newly launched AIOD v2.5.1 software exposes users to multiple platforms and ensures consistent user-experience. The product personalization feature makes it more convenient and comfortable, as ever, for the ultimate users. It is integrated software which fulfils various purposes and offers varieties of options to users.” says Nidhi Agarwal, CEO of Design’N’Buy.

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