Rako labels Cape Town (Pty) Ltd showcased its versatility and excellence in labels Propak 2011. In addition to its eye-catching label solutions for self adhesive labels, wrap around labels, shrink sleeves and tags the company presented its latest award winning innovations:

– Jeans-look labels, winner of the FESPA Digital Print Award 2008, offer a real jeans look and feel. It attracts the consumers attention with its unique look and feel and will differentiate yours from any other label on the shelf.

– Metallic 3D labels, winner of the German Packaging Award 2009, offer breathtaking 3D effects, which stand out on the shelf and lift the value perception of your labeled product.

– Perfect Body labels, winner of the German Packaging Award 2010, are an unique RAKO development for tubes. The shrinkable, self adhesive label offers a full 360 degree coverage from the neck to the sealing zone of the tube. Combined with the attracting refining possibilities of a self-adhesive label, the product will boost the look of your tubes.

Perfect Match is based on the latest ICC-profiling technology, digital art working, proofing and plate making. It allows real contract proofing that matches the print run exactly. The companys digital spectrophotometry based ink matching and production colour control system ensures brand colour consistency during a print run and from print run to print run. Perfect Match is the sentinel of your brand colours and your CI on labels.

Digitally Printed labels are the economic solution for your label mockups, promotion and short runs without compromises in the label look. The company offers this innovative technology in addition to the state of the art flexographic printing technology.

Security labels offer brand protection, theft protection or even distribution chain information. The broad variety of hologram labels convert your labels into a functional decoration of your product.