Printing SA Encourages Members To Support International Print Day


This year, the theme for International Print Day is Collaboration. Printing SA believes that by bringing the industry together, sharing ideas and creating projects and products together, we are all better for it – so are the projects and products within our industry at large.

Printing SA encourages all members to participate in International Print Day’s global 24-hour celebration on Wednesday, October 17. The day is aimed at highlighting the creativity, importance and power of print and paper, and is celebrated by both the trade and its supporting industries. As well as using the hashtag #IPD18, print enthusiasts are invited to engage with the event by using #PrintWith as part of this year’s focus on collaboration and working together to make projects and products even better.
In South Africa, the print industry has an estimated turnover of R60 billion and directly employs around 45,000 people, whilst providing direct employment to a further 45,000. All of this is generated by approximately 1228 printing companies, 286 publishing companies and 1000 industry suppliers who provide pre-press and post-press services. The printing industry contributes between 1.6% and 2% to South Africa’s GDP.

For the first time ever, Printing SA has formulated a new programme where foundational learning programme (FLP) graduate learners who have successfully completed their internships will be made available to member companies via Printing SA’s Regional Chambers for placement in pre-press, printing, print finishing or packaging occupations and trades. Printing SA has made a commitment to place these learners who have not been taken up by industry in a technical theoretical field of high demand to further enhance their employment prospects. All learners who form part of this programme will be made available to Printing SA member companies from now until December 2018 to serve their internships.
Printing SA will also create further hype and awareness for International Print Day, by inviting you to make your mark and vote for print. At all Printing SA’s special functions and events, from now until the end of the year, the organisation will assemble a blank canvas where members, students and guests are invited to make a thumb print mark in a colour of their choice, together with a message and/or autograph. This initiative also invites you to #IPD18 showing off your thumb after voting, making the circle bigger.
The organisation believes in working together to develop a positive future, so be sure to watch the social streams, connect with participants, share and pass along, and most of all help ‘print’ trend the planet, using the hashtag #IPD18. Don’t miss Printing SA’s annual International Print Day #PrintChat which will be held at 4PM ET on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.