Primera Announces Availability Of Pigment Ink For Primera LX910e Colour Label Printer


LX910e is the most recent and fastest-ever desktop colour label printer from Primera. LX910e was initially shipped with a dye-based ink cartridge. Now, a new pigment-based ink cartridge can be quickly and easily installed to produce highly durable, UV-resistant labels.

Pigment ink is ideal for applications where sunlight, water and chemicals can come in contact with the printed surface of the labels. Pigment ink, when combined with properly matched substrates, resists these challenging environmental conditions and opens many new applications for desktop colour label production, including labels for items that regularly get wet such as bath or shower products, produce, warehouse labels, GHS labels, work-in-progress labels, parking permits, bumper stickers and much more.

‘Primera’s LX910e Colour Label Printer has already become one of the best-selling desktop colour label printers globally with its dye-based ink cartridge. We’re excited to now also offer a pigment ink cartridge to expand its use into new applications where high levels of durability are required,’ said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. ‘Even better, LX910e is the lowest cost desktop colour label printer currently available that can use both dye and pigment ink. We expect that customers will quickly see the benefits and value in having both ink capabilities available to them in one affordable, desktop machine.’

LX910e pigment ink is available worldwide through Primera’s authorised distributors and resellers.

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