The company is showcasing innovative additions to its expansive modular portfolio of self-adhesive label print-finishing, covering inspection, die-cutting, rewinding, slitting and overprinting systems at the expo. The company will underpin its core ethos of developing versatile and easy-to-use solutions that contribute to increased productivity at a low cost, with a host of exciting new developments.
These include the DIGITplus modular line featuring the latest in laser technology. Ideal for short runs, it includes a FLOWER® UV flexo head for full varnishing or spot varnishing. It will demonstrate its ability to produce UV full varnishing, laser die-cutting, matrix stripping, slitting, counting and rewinding of digitally printed labels.
Following the success of the PHARMACHECK modular line that delivers single pass 100% inspection for pharma labels, PRATI has launched the cost-effective PHARMACHECK Light system. With one web inspection, Nikka camera and two security inspection monitors it can detect errors as well as make and re-inspect corrections. Additional cameras and finishing options can be added at a later date. A full version of the PHARMACHECK will demonstrate complete ink-jet back numbering and OCR verification, slitting, final inspection and rewinding of pharma labels.
Addressing industry interest in more environmentally sustainable solutions is the SATURN Linerless. This more efficient system creates raw material savings while its liner-less module produces zero liner waste. It also has two interchangeable rewinder shafts to rewind the lanes in an alternate mode, to avoid rolls sticking. Visitors will be able to watch in-setting, die-cutting and rewinding of liner-less labels as well as the production of white labels.
The SATURNplus, featuring a Nikka D1B camera system with an iPhone touch-screen interface, offers a unique package solution for the 100% inspection of labels while the SATURN Booklet now features the Nikka BKL labels camera for greater product integrity even for  ‘irregular face’ labels.  Both will demonstrate 100% inspection, correction, slitting, counting and rewinding of BKL labels.
The JUPITER is the latest version of the inspection machine, featuring a new graphic touch-screen interface and PROXIMA, the advanced detecting system for improved operator usability and job integrity. A key benefit of the system is its ability to detect opaque labels and clear labels while others include its fast set up, inspection of reflective golden printed labels or those with a variation of surface thickness and its detection of broken labels.  

The stable and well-tested solution, capable of detecting faults at the maximum machine speed, has been launched following a thorough 12-month beta trial at an Australian producer of high volume clear beer labels specialising in added-value printing processes such as silk-screening and hot stamping. Development requirements included a user friendly and reliable solution, delivering consistent productivity and inspection accuracy.  

The JUPITER will highlight its claim to be the most capable finishing machine on the market with jobs showing inspection, correction, slitting, counting and rewinding of clear-on-clear labels.
Also highlighted will be the in-setting lamination for booklet labels tool that enables the VEGAplus BOOKLET to apply a pre-diecut or Braille pre-printed layer in register on booklet labels. It is ideal for flat and curved booklet, coupon and thick booklet labels.