Optimus has announced that it has partnered with Pitney Bowes to deliver the complete workflow solution for transactional printers.

Benefiting from the functionality available within both solutions, this partnership will see Pitney Bowes DFWorks software and Optimus dash MIS integrate to provide a unique automated workflow.

The combined integration will enable:
– DFWorks to track Performance versus Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Performance versus Forecast.
– The tracking of each individual mail piece through DFWorks with details of the overall job automatically appearing in Optimus dash as a full production job.
– Optimus dash to hold the detail of all job costs.
– Full stock management within Optimus dash.
– Optimus dash to hold delivery and invoicing information, with posting capability of output to preferred accounts packages.
– Comprehensive analysis and Management Information.

This solution enables companies to have full access to all of the features within Optimus dash whilst retaining the integrity of full transactional tracking within DFWorks.

Nicola Bisset, Group Managing Director, Optimus, said, ‘Both Pitney Bowes and Optimus have been approached on numerous occasions by transactional printers who require a strong management information system but also need to be able to track each transaction, in particular for the secure printing sector. I am very excited about our new partnership with Pitney Bowes, as combined we can provide the functionality that the industry is demanding. Both our companies passionately believe transparency and automation should no longer be an optional extra.’

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