Océ has enhanced power of Océ PRISMA with new capabilities. The company has introduced Version 4.06 of Océ PRISMAproduction Server. With this new version, Océ continues to expand and evolve its output and workflow management and capabilities in the high performance production area in response to customer needs and market opportunities.

High-performance output management tool for transaction and graphic arts

Océ PRISMAproduction Server – the Océ core platform for production printing – is a high-performance output management and automation system for both transaction and graphic arts environments. This solution creates a converged platform for mid to very high volume transaction printing, and also for publishing-type document printing.

The platform can manage an unrivalled range of b/w and full-colour printing systems, spanning the full gamut of output speeds and functionality. Furthermore, Océ PRISMAproduction Server offers a stable high-performance platform for maximised workflow integration and automation.

Highly efficient workflows for cost efficiencies and revenue maximisation

Continuous improvement, backed by world-class service and technical support, has been a hallmark of the Océ workflow software strategy. With the announcement of the new version of Océ PRISMAproduction Server, we have reached the next level of integration, automation and usability in production and workflow management. As a result, users in both the graphic arts and the transaction markets can deliver more applications with greater flexibility, cost efficiencies and revenue maximization, said Jaco Smit, DDS product manager at Océ South Africa.

Fully automated, Océ PRISMAproduction Server workflows eliminate costs and manual labour for graphic arts operations, transactional print providers, direct mail marketers and others who depend on highly efficient workflows. Print providers can maximise margins, improve business efficiencies and open up new revenue-generating opportunities.

No preprinted paper, reduced warehouse space and paper waste

Océ PRISMAproduction software and the Océ Preprinted Forms Replacement application eliminate the need for preprinted paper. Customers realise significant cost savings by reducing stored inventory, warehouse space, paper changes and waste. With this functionality, customers can now run multiple jobs even from cut sheet systems on a single paper roll, resulting in greater flexibility, higher levels of product reliability and uptime and improved productivity.

The new Océ PRISMAproduction Dashboard provides the overview needed in vast and complex operations. To gain the best possible utilisation and efficiency it is absolutely vital to have a precise overview at any given time. As a result, customers can save time, money and labour while achieving smoother production across the enterprise.

JDF/JMF integration for enhanced automation of print processes

As JDF and JMF adoption accelerates, enhanced Océ PRISMAproduction JDF/ JMF capabilities enable greater connectivity to front-end order entry systems, both Océ and non-Océ print engines and support for a wider range of post-processing devices. With JDF/J MF integration, Océ PRISMAproduction provides a solid foundation as a centralised production management solution, enhancing the print process automation with greater flexibility.

With Océ PRISMAproduction Server and its unrivalled capabilities in automation, flexibility, reliability and integration, Océ customers will achieve the utmost in terms of increased utilisation of equipment and maximised cost savings across their entire document production process.