New Enfocus Platform Enhances Print Production Workflow


Enfocus has released its Switch 2019 Spring, with a number of new features including remote processing, redesigned messages and a data root backup tool to name a few.

Enfocus Switch is an open automation platform that integrates diverse software and hardware solutions. Switch facilitates a workflow creation and management framework that provides consistent, controllable processing of jobs throughout print production environments. As a platform, Switch harnesses technologies from industry solutions which affords greater flexibility in production.

Automation through Switch does more than remove manual touch points and repetitive tasks. It lays out the groundwork for trafficking jobs by establishing a method for receiving jobs, inspecting jobs, repairing job files, making decisions based on job information, then delivering jobs to output. Successful integrations are saving money and creating opportunities for print service providers across the industry.

On the top of the list is the Remote Process Element. Remote Process is a flow element that allows users to route Switch jobs out of the flow, process them remotely using a third-party service, then bring them back into the flow after processing. The Scripting Module is required to make use of this feature.

The functionality of the Submit Point has been embellished to improve flexibility in how it’s used. Changes to the Submit Point in Switch include the ability to submit metadata only. This allows a Switch flow to accept data only, such as a filled form, instead requiring a physical file to be submitted. The application of this is similar to requesting a job reprint where no new files are required. Another Submit Point function has been added that sends a job trigger. Internally, this sends a dummy job into a Switch flow. What this means to users is that it’s now possible to click a ‘send trigger’ button to instigate, for instance, a database query to generate a paper usage report and then send it by email.

Managing Submit Point URLs also receives some additional options with this release. A direct link URL to a submit point can be created to direct the end user to a specific Submit Point, making it simpler to locate. These direct URLs can have an expiration date applied, which is useful in managing timely submissions and open requests. If users have an active Webservices Module licence, they can also use a direct link URL to allow public access to a Submit Point.

The Switch 2019 Spring release comes with a redesigned Messages view. Based on feedback from users, Enfocus has completely overhauled the way messages are viewed. Messages is the Switch activity log. It is invaluable and often referred to by administrators and users. The new Messages view contains quick filters, like a slider for viewing a ‘from-to’ timeline. Another quick filter is the presence of coloured buttons to show or hide info, warning or error messages. There is a very handy new way to search Messages in that when users select text in any column, a pop-up prompt is shown to ‘Search this’. What this does is provide a fast way to find any entry that contains the selected text.

Inject Job now has a failed connection option. This prevents jobs from going to Problem Jobs as an error when they can be handled instead by other processes in a Switch flow. The ability to use ‘single line text with variable’ has been added to the Inject Job tool, which greatly expands the options for naming inserted jobs.

A data root backup tool has been implemented for easier recovery and migration of a Switch installation. It provides for the creation of a zip file containing all the contents of the Switch root directory. The backup can then be restored using the same tool.

Dashboard and job board improvements have been made as well. When auto refresh is disabled on a job board, users can click on a job to view all of the messages related to that job. Starting with the 2019 Spring release, Enfocus will be distributing two Switch releases each year.


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