Muller Martini Installs Spine Gluing And Backlining Machine

Muller Martini Installs Spine Gluing And Backlining Machine

In order to further expand its competitiveness, Budapest based Stanctechnik Kötészeti Kft. decided to replace its existing gluing and folding line with the modern RF 700 spine gluing and backlining machine from Muller Martini.

Thread sewing is currently very popular with publishing customers, and the company wanted to respond to this trend. The RF 700 performs these tasks at a rate of 30 copies per minute, and the make-ready times are much shorter than with the previous model. What used to take up to half an hour can be done in just five minutes with the RF 700 and the integrated CoPilot system. With the installation of the machine, Stanctechnik Kötészeti Kft. has raised its hardcover production to a previously unknown level of quality and productivity.

The company concentrates on the production of short runs. The run length ranges from 200 to 1,500 copies, which are typically printed digitally. An important mainstay for Stanctechnik Kötészeti Kft. is the production of softcover and hardcover books.

The print finishing department is equipped accordingly. In recent years, considerable funds have been invested in this area, particularly to continuously improve both quality and productivity. A large part of the order volume comes from PrimeRate Kft, which exports short-run books to the DACH region (Germany/Austria/Switzerland). It also holds the majority share in Stanctechnik Kötészeti Kft.

Stanctechnik Kötészeti Kft. is very pleased that these increases in quality and productivity can also be realised in the existing book production line. Furthermore, the solution convinces with its all-in-one approach: gluing on endpapers, gluing off and rebating in one pass. Compared to a perfect binder, the RF 700 not only requires less space, but the investment costs are also lower, which the management confirms.


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