Mozambique News: Rimpex Becomes Official Konica Minolta SA Dealer

Claudia Kanje, Rimpex, being handed the official Dealership Certificate by Adelino (Porky) Barbosa, Konica Minolta South Africa.

Rimpex, an operation with two branches in the Mozambican capital, has grown from a copy shop to a full-service parts and equipment supplier and production print and office services provider in partnership with Konica Minolta South Africa. Its success is an impressive example of how regional partnerships can support small business growth in Southern Africa. The company became an official Konica Minolta South Africa dealer in October this year.

Rimpex founder, Claudia Kanje, has spent several decades serving customers in the office-supply industry in Mozambique and has seen her labours come to healthy fruition as her Konica Minolta business has grown into a thriving family operation.

The initial vision for Rimpex (which means import-export) was for a stationery business, with the main focus on schools. From there, the operation grew to offer printing and copying services, with the opening of a copy shop with one second-hand machine.

Kanje’s relationship with Konica Minolta began in 1997, when she contacted the company on behalf of a client who urgently needed a machine. A healthy partnership was formed, and Kanje began importing spares and pre-owned Konica Minolta equipment into Mozambique.

In 2003, Konica Minolta opened a branch in Nelspruit and Rimpex was one of its first clients. This relationship prospered and as Rimpex grew, Claudia’s husband, son and daughter also became shareholders in the business.

In 2007, Rimpex was able to build a three-storey office in the centre of Maputo as its headquarters, focusing on Konica Minolta products to service the growing need for copy, production and wide format printing.

In 2013, Kanje expanded the business even further, opening a second branch in the suburb of Matola, 10km from the city centre, to provide machines and consumables to the expanding Rimpex client base.

The Rimpex focus remains on service excellence, high standards and technical/product training in sync with Konica Minolta. The company makes caring for its community a big priority. ‘For us, it’s all about people, said Kanje. ‘We never put money first. Rimpex is a business of value and high standards. Our vision is to grow with our customers.’


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