Mactac Expands Labelstock Portfolio

Mactac Expands Labelstock Portfolio

Designed for label applications such as warehouse racking, pallet labels, safety and warning labels, construction signage and industrial labelling, Mactac’s retro-reflective films – an expansion of its LINTEC labelstock portfolio – are ideal for barcode scanning.

The films are constructed from a polyester material uniquely embedded with glass beads that enable long-range barcode scanning up to 15.2m (50 feet). Retro-reflective films feature long-term indoor durability and 1 to 2 years’ outdoor durability.

‘The glass beads give the retro-reflective polyester films a light silver appearance and allow barcode scanning from a distance, making them great for warehouses and other applications where pallets or products are often stacked and harder to reach,’ said Cassandra Semonin, Marketing Manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives.

Retro-reflective films are top-coated for enhanced printability with thermal transfer and flexographic print methods. Products include:

LTCRRF01: 3.9-mil polyester with an 89# blue Kraft liner and a high-performance low-ooze acrylic adhesive (P0066) that offers higher tack and ultimate adhesion to various high and low energy substrates. The P0066 adhesive is designed for difficult-to-adhere-to low energy surfaces, including textured and rough surfaces.

LTCRRF02: 3.9-mil polyester with a 50# white glassine liner and a versatile, high-performance low-ooze permanent acrylic adhesive (PAT1) designed for a variety of general durable applications and conditions. The PAT1 adhesive has excellent mandrel hold and ultimate adhesion to many high and low-energy substrates. Both low-ooze adhesives offer cleaner on-press and thermal transfer print performance and reduce the risk of label peel-off.


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