Komori Unveils New Auto Pile Turner


Komori launched the new Apressia AT, a High-end Class Auto Pile Turner, at a private show at its Tsukuba Plant for customers from both Japan and overseas in February.

It is an addition to the Apressia brand range that comprises post-processing machines such as cuttings, die cutters and blanking systems. At this event, the company also demonstrated an Apressia AT120H model with a maximum stack height (including pallet) of 2000mm that has a pallet clamp function that enables pallet and paper centring.

The Apressia AT is a high-end class auto pile turner that rotates large amounts of paper (called a pile) loaded on pallets, changes the pallets, and is used in a variety of ways in secondary processing including airing and aligning the pile. Not only can paper type and other conditions be registered, basic operations and advanced automation are also possible because operations can be performed in advance from the touch panel.

‘By adding the auto pile turner to the Apressia series, which is essential to the package printing process and a growing segment of the printing business, we have enhanced the range of Komori post-processing machines,’ said Mr. Fujimaki, Manager of the PESP Business Promotion Department. ‘With the Apressia AT, anyone can easily change and reload pallets, which is physically challenging, because its features include advanced automation and sound safety measures. This is a powerful product that will definitely be useful at package printing production sites where ensuring manpower is difficult.’

Furthermore, it’s easy to switch between automated operation and manual operation, and it also supports precise paper alignment that takes advantage of the skills of experienced operators. The KOMORI Apressia AT series will be sold initially in Japan. Moving forward, the sales areas will be expanded to Europe, the US, and other countries.

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KOMORI https://www.komori.com/en/na

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