Komori Installs Perfector

Komori Installs Perfector
Sam Shannon, Deltor Communications.

Deltor Communications has purchased an eight colour, long perfecting B1 Komori Lithrone G840 ADVANCE, the first of its type in the UK. It is fitted with a Mabeg reel sheeter to maximise production efficiency for the business.

‘We felt that with the cost of materials, paper, plates and consumable,s we needed to really look at ways to minimise our wastage,’ said Deltor Managing Director Sam Shannon. The technology on the press achieves this aim. It has the latest version of Komori’s PQA, which automatically brings the press into register, into colour and with print inspection compares what is on the sheet with the signed off PDF.

The press runs without IPA and draws less power than the machine being replaced. The Komori G840 ADVANCE will bring Deltor Communications as close to zero waste at make ready as possible, particularly when running section work.

‘It’s a question of simply queuing the jobs and away we go,’ said Shannon. Improvements to the feeder and delivery on the Komori Advance models enable Deltor to run faster and increase output four times over the press that has been replaced. It can also run as a straight press with the ability to cope with substrates up to 600 microns.

‘We have a number of the new Komori G40 ADVANCE model presses installed in the UK with more on order,’ said Steve Turner, Komori UK Managing Director. ‘The Deltor machine is the first UK installation of an ADVANCE long perfector, which has new production features focused on high return on investment for our customers.’

Deltor Communications has installed the press on a plinth to increase capacity in delivery and the feeder when running sheeted material. The existing ink lines have been retained for the new Komori press. The Komori G840 ADVANCE has arrived at an opportune time as Deltor is back to pre-pandemic levels of business, is experiencing a growing demand for estimates and quotes and is preparing for growth over the next year. The company has recruited to boost the sales team. Deltor’s experience with Komori provided the confidence in their service and support. ‘We have a good relationship with Komori. We like their product and it was easy to decide that this was the machine for us.’

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