Kip 800 Color Series: A Unique Offering Using Dry Toner For High Productivity And Low Operational Costs


The key feature of the series is the unique CMYK dry toner system that makes it the most productive large format printer series in its class with the lowest cost of ownership. The series also generates fully lightfast prints, which will not fade or show signs of deterioration over time from exposure to light. The fact that the printers also use uncoated media adds to the low cost of production.

This year, Regma South Africa is celebrating 20 years of selling KIP products in South Africa. Regma South Africa Sales & Marketing Director, Phil Jones explained that the KIP 800 Series can capture subtle tints and hues with excellent colour stability and image fidelity for an entire print run, making the printers ideal for a range of wide format printing applications from architectural, engineering and construction documents to maps and posters.

'We see this unique offering not only appealing to the obvious traditional markets of architects, engineers and construction companies but also to copy shops, print companies and branding companies and digital print specialists that want to produce fast and inexpensive Point of Sale posters and banners,' added Jones. 'We have been very successful with the KIP brand over the years. An added benefit of our long relationship with KIP is that we have built a considerable technical knowledge base that enables us to service and maintain the machine base.'

The series boasts operational speeds of 268 square metres per hour in colour and black and white. They are designed for technical, graphic and office document users who require high demand output, precise imaging and bold, expressive colour fidelity. The KIP 800 Colour Series systems are a comprehensive wide format solution for a range of printing tasks spanning from architectural, engineering, and construction documents, to maps, posters, signs, and photo enlargements, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Jones added that the combination of KIP 800’s advanced software and hardware technology makes it a must for production printing by offering superb resolution and also maintaining this resolution at fast print speeds of up to 7.5 A1s per minute, in either colour or black and white.

The five models in the KIP 800 Series include:


The KIP 850 network print system is a space saving workgroup printer delivering fast, low cost colour and black and white wide format documents with breakthrough print quality. Easily meet project timelines and exceed quality standards with consistent print speed and precision imaging. Innovative front stacking allows close wall installation to maximise space efficiency.


The KIP 860 is ideal for environments that require convenient multifunction productivity with a single footprint space-saving design. The KIP 860 colour print system provides extraordinary print quality and performance for both colour and black and white wide format printing of technical and business graphics. All system features and functions are at your fingertips using the intuitive touchscreen navigation that automates copy, scan and print functions for single touch productivity.


The KIP 870 workgroup and departmental print system is designed for high demand project requirements, with outstanding performance and reliability. High resolution colour and black and white mixed set production with built-in cost efficiency reporting. Expand the compact front stacking design with versatile rear stacking or folding accessories that increase productivity. Touchscreen convenience offers advanced network cloud access, set printing and system management without a PC workstation.

KIP 880-890 SERIES

The KIP 880-890 delivers unmatched multi-function copy, scan and print performance for high demand enterprise workflow. Engineered to deliver vibrant consistent colour quality from first to final print. The integrated dual footprint configuration multitasks scan and print production, saving valuable project time. Smart touchscreen automation simplifies complex copy, scan and print processes for single touch control.


The KIP 800 Colour Series print technology eliminates roll switching delays for increased productivity. Two or four media rolls and a sheet feeder deliver mixed print sizes at full production speed.


Each CMYK cartridge contains 1000gsm of toner for a total capacity of 4000gsm, allowing longer uninterrupted colour and black and white print runs for continuous system productivity.


The KIP 800 Colour Series increases productivity while simplifying the user experience with touch tablet navigation, diverse software suite with ribbon command bars and system standardised icons, along with cloud integration.


An ergonomic roll cap system simplifies the process of loading the 278 or 557 square metres media capacity.



The KIP 800 Colour Series integrated stacking systems improve the efficiency and productivity of your print production environment by providing a convenient place to neatly stack a multitude of various page sizes. Unattended print runs can be scheduled with peace of mind due to comprehensive internal diagnostics of the KIP 800 Colour Series. Optional for KIP 850, 860, 870 and 880-890.


The KIP 800 Colour Series provide efficient, high speed hard copy reproduction workflow. Exceptional image quality is achieved through true 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution via a
choice of integrated KIP scanners, with advanced optics and delicate original transport processes for pixel-perfect images. The integrated scanner is included with the KIP 860. The KIP 720 scanner is available with the KIP 880 and the KIP 2300 scanner is available with KIP 890.


KIP products all have a variety of sleep modes and power usage timers to reduce power consumption. All KIP systems are Energy Star qualified. During operation, the power consumption of KIP products are one of the lowest in the industry thanks to efficiency in design. KIP’s manufacturing processes have reduced electricity consumption by 33%, all while increasing productivity.

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