HP Indigo Installations Increase Flexibility


By adopting HP Indigo 6800 and HP Indigo 20000 digital presses, Tuboplast, which is headquartered in Miñano, Álava, and belongs to the CTL-TH Packaging Group, is creating high value-added and differentiated products for its customers. These include high-quality decoration, new metallic and holographic designs, and high added-value security applications such as serialisation, watermarks, mosaics and Augmented Reality.

This enables the CTL-TH Packaging Group to address new business challenges by cutting delivery time, increasing flexibility and reducing the consumption of raw materials, as well as improving the quality and consistency of tube decoration in a sustainable way, resulting in 100% recyclable tubes (100% PP-based monomaterial). This has earned them the prestigious ETMA 2019 award in the category prototypes with a printed tube using HP Indigo technology. Tuboplast, which is headquartered in Miñano, Álava, and belongs to the CTL-TH Packaging Group, has many years of experience in creating tube packaging solutions for the cosmetics and personal care sector.

‘We opted for offset digital HP Indigo technology due to printing quality and accuracy, as these are key features for our products and customers. The high level of flexibility this technology offers enables us to do shorter runs, aligned to market demands. HP Indigo is a recognised brand in the digital printing industry, and we have partnered with the company for all these reasons,’ said Laurent Nevejans, CTL-TH Packaging sales and marketing director.

HP https://www8.hp.com/uk/en

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