Highcon Introduces Increased Machine Capability


Highcon selected the Dscoop EMEA conference in Lyon to launch a major productivity boost for the Highcon Euclid. The newly introduced capability dramatically increases the effective speed of the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machines by up to 40% for a B2 sheet size, reaching speeds of up to 2750 sheets per hour.

Highcon customers have already proven the productivity of the new boost function on their Highcon Euclid machines, which allows them to perform more jobs on the machine per day, with increased profitability.

Through a combination of software development and mechanical upgrades, the Highcon Productivity Boost package extends the capabilities of the Highcon Euclid platform, allowing customers to produce high end decorative work, as well as regular die-cutting jobs with higher margins than before. The productivity boost applies to Highcon Euclid III, Euclid IIIS and the numerous Euclid machines installed around the globe.

The Productivity Boost delivers the following improvement:

  • B1 (106cm/42 in.) – from 1500 to a maximum speed of 2250sph – a 15%-20% improvement.
  • B2 (76 cm/29 in.) – from 2000 to a maximum speed of 2750sph – a 25%-40% improvement.

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, Highcon VP Marketing said, ‘We are proud of the ongoing dialogue that we have with our customers that allows us to continuously work on improving the productivity of our machines. Highcon customers can now compete profitably against analogue finishing even on simple, repeat jobs as well as earning premium prices for special high end decoration enabled only by our technology. The amazing applications produced by Wihabo and Ilan Print are testament to both the capabilities of the technology as well as the extremely high level of responsiveness it enables.’

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