Heidelberg has launched its new generation of Stahlfolder TX/KX folding systems, which optimise performance and simplify operation in industrial production.

The folding systems offer special machine configurations for high-performance industrial signature folding to meet these requirements. The key feature of these new systems is the PFX feeder (PFX = Pallet Feeder eXtended), which uses the same principle as a press feeder and offers the unique possibility of processing a stream of shingled sheets in both the feeder and the folding unit. As a result, productivity is up to 50 percent higher than in conventional production processes. The first model of this new family of folding machines – the Stahlfolder TX 82 – was unveiled as a prototype at drupa 2012. 

The Stahlfolder TX 82 is now available in series production and has already been installed by a number of customers in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This new generation of folding systems augments the successful Stahlfolder TH/KH folding machines that, thanks to their comprehensive range of options and variants, can be configured to suit specific customer requirements.