GMG Showcasing Colour Management Solutions

GMG Showcasing Colour Management Solutions

GMG’s newest product, GMG ColorBook, will be presented, with samples and live demonstrations, of this Pantone licenced colour guide. It is invaluable to brands and creative agencies who need to physically see exactly how brand colours will print.

GMG ColorBook enables a highly accurate simulation of how both Pantone and custom colours print, even in digital printing. This is because it is produced on the actual production press, inks and substrate.

GMG ColorBook gives the exact ink combination (colour separation) used, and if the colour is out of gamut, it tells you by how much (in dE). It can be used by printers and their clients to compare factors such as printing CMYK-only or minimising channels. As the page numbers and layout are exactly the same as the Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated, GMG ColorBook can quickly and easily be compared to this.

GMG’s solution for colour-accurate contract proofing – on both paper and packaging substrates – will also be presented. GMG will be showing GMG ColorPlugin for Photoshop, enabling precise conversions between a range of colour spaces with a colour-accurate preview. It makes manual colour adjustments and tricky workarounds a thing of the past.

The company will showcase these latest packaging colour management solutions at Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging, London.


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