GMG Introduces New Colour Management Solution For Packaging


The new GMG ColorServer 5.1 implicates a direct connection to the multiple awarded colour profiling tool GMG OpenColor. Profiles created in GMG OpenColor can now be used in GMG ColorServer, containing custom CMYK profiles and spot colour conversions. The automated transition from industry standards to individual conditions ensures a smooth workflow for customers in need of in-house standards and custom profiles.

Printing conditions that do not fit the industry standards are common whenever special substrates or spot colours are in use. When custom printing conditions are demanded, high-quality colour conversions are mandatory, yet profiling and manual file retouching tend to be complex and time-consuming. A lot of knowledge is required to maximise the colour output and guarantee a dependable colour appearance.

The benefits are evident: profiles including custom standards for different printing substrates and ink sets and printing processes can be compiled with ease and are available for immediate usage in GMG ColorServer. Moreover, converting has never been simpler – be it the conversion from official standards, such as ISO coated V2 or GRACoL, to user-specific standards or from custom to custom. Working with one source of target data also assures for consistent quality and leads to effortless proof matching.

What this all amounts to is an advanced workflow for profile management and thus the improvement of process stability and automatisation. GMG ColorServer operators can henceforth rely on a central database. Once created, profiles are eligible for utilisation in various sources, such as GMG OpenColor, GMG ColorPlugin and GMG ColorProof. Proof and separation profiles can be prepared in one go and if corrections are required, they apply to all profiles by default.

Additionally, PANTONE’s colour library has been updated and the extended version is now available in GMG ColorServer. 294 new colours, created for designers working with a wide range of substrates, grant a broader variety of colours, particularly for packaging designers. The expansion includes neutral colours, browns, greys, blues, and blacks.


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