Flint Group Introduces Plate Processing Line


Catena means ‘connected chain’ and just as the name reveals, the Catena+ line is a modular system, which can join together for various levels of automation.

The revolutionary fully automated plate processing line consists of equipment modules such as: Catena – E (UV LED exposure), Catena – W (solvent plate processor), and Catena – DLS (dryer, light finisher and plate stacker combination with robotised plate transport).

A Catena-DLS module can be connected to a Catena-W for automatic plate-processing. The Catena-DLS has 10 drying units, 7 stacking positions and a light finisher. Robotic movement ensures that plates are fully finished with no operator intervention after loading into the washer.

‘We are proud to announce the Catena-DLS, the missing piece on our way to fully automated flexo plate processing. In combination with our ThermoFlexX imager, the recently released Catena-W and the Catena-E UV LED exposure, we provide a state-of-the-art, fully automated and integrated flexo plate processing system, which allows customers to produce flexo plates at the lowest total cost for every application’, explained Uwe Stebani, General Manager Xeikon Prepress.

Catena+ brings the whole chain together, resulting in leading edge fully automated flexo plate making. Once the operator has removed the cover sheet, the plate is automatically loaded into the imager, and is completely processed and fully finished with no further operator interventions needed, eliminating any damage caused by manual plate handling.

Designed as an open system, Catena+ allows easy loading of plates from other imagers into the Catena-E LED exposure unit. Plates from other exposure frames can also be easily loaded to take advantage of the highly productive WDLS.

The full line Catena+ also includes Catena Cockpit, which provides a highly visible status report on plate processing, progress and expected time of completion. With Catena ProServX software, the machine health status of all modules is constantly monitored. Enabling a new level of proactive support and maintenance. The need for physical service-interventions is minimised.

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