Flint Group Flexographic Establishes Dedicated Sales Organisation in South Africa


Flint Group Flexographic is focusing on a direct connection with customers in South Africa. Through Flint Group’s one-stop-shop approach, customers are able to not only get printing plates, sleeves and adapters directly, but also packaging inks and narrow web inks.

For more than 22 years, Kemtek Imaging Systems has been supporting Flint Group Flexographic to serve the South African market and to represent the nyloflex®, nyloprint®, rotec® and ThermoflexX brands successfully. Friedrich von Rechteren, Global Commercial Vice President Flexographic stated, ‘We very appreciate Kemtek’s long-term support in South Africa. As a global company serving the packaging and printing industry we are excited to take the next step and serve the market directly with our cohesive offering for pre-press from now on. This step allows us to provide our customers in South Africa with the best possible support and expertise. Additionally, our customers benefit from existing distribution channels within the premises of other Flint Group divisions to cover most effectively all areas in South Africa and neighbouring countries.’

The distribution centres of Flint Group Flexographic are located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. This allows the company to deliver its flexographic and letterpress printing plates and plate processing equipment fast and efficiently across the country.

‘We are fortunate enough, not only to leverage know-how and expertise within the different divisions of our organisation, but also to optimise our warehouses and distribution networks, to run them lean and resourcefully. As part of our new sales team in South Africa, we are happy to announce the hiring of Adriaan Cronje, Clive Jonathan and Dale Kreusch from Kemtek. This hopefully provides continuity to our customers,’ added Holger Neuman, Director Distributors EE/MEA.

Flint Group South Africa Ltd.
+27 11 805 6876

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