UK-based Easibind International has installed an HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press to print specialty items for branded corporate stationery, POS displays and other products on a wide range of paper and plastic substrates.

The new HP Indigo 5600 solution includes special features such as the Thick Substrate Kit, Combined Multi-Shot and One-shot process (for synthetic and paper substrates), and White Ink options, providing the flexibility for a variety of print applications.

The new press has a seven-colour capability and can handle substrates from 80g/sqm to 460 microns to enable the printing of branded stationery, packaging, promotional items and security recognition and identification cards in cost-effective short runs with full-colour graphics, PANTONE® Colours, and personalisation.

The new press operates at speeds of up to 68 full-colour A4 per minute (up to 90 pages per minute in Enhanced Productivity Mode) and can use special-effect inks including UV red, light cyan, light magenta, digital matte and white.

The advantage of HP ElectroInks is that they are transparent just like litho inks, so we can produce litho quality using the white ink as a base laid on solid-coloured substrates or as a backing – last ink down – on transparent materials, said Harry Skidmore, founder and CEO, Easibind International Ltd. We print a lot of subsurface on the transparent ranges, using white ink to maintain the high-definition CMYK images through the face. This provides a scratch-proof top surface which is useful when using long-life polymers.

Easibind makes full use of the growing number of plastics used for corporate products and displays and carries out the pre-treatment for substrates to be digitally printed in-house.

The HP Indigo 5600 can print on a wide range of substrates including synthetics. PP, PET and PVC are widely used in the industry, explained Skidmore. We also use other materials for trademark and specialist applications. These include polycarbonates, polyesters and thermoplastics which are used for POS and display, security and recognition, and industrial thermoforming markets.

Easibind offers UV coatings for all its standard production processes for scratch resistance and anti-microbial protection. These are applied to HP Indigo printed products as a near-line finishing process, adding further value to the print.

Demand is growing for high-volume personalised media. We can do this with a combination of our conventional UV litho presses and our HP Indigo digital presses, said Skidmore.