DuPont Showcases Newest Cyrel Innovation


DuPont Advanced Printing recently showcased its newest innovation Cyrel DLC, as well as its DuPont Cyrel EASY BRITE Screens and the DuPont Cyrel FAST 2000 TD processor.

Cyrel DLC

Launched in March, Cyrel DLC is the newest addition to the award-winning DuPont Cyrel family of flexographic plates. The innovative soft digital plate uses a new polymer formulation designed for the corrugated market, allowing it to perform exceptionally with water-based inks on lower quality recycled and thinner liner board.

‘This plate significantly improves solid-ink coverage on recycled board, which presents more of a challenge to print on than virgin board stock,’ said Bob Hannum, corrugated segment manager, DuPont Advanced Printing. ‘Feedback from early customers is that not only is DLC performing better than standard durometer sheet and liquid plates, but also against competitive soft durometer sheet plates.’

Cyrel EASY BRITE Screens

The screens are designed to optimise ink laydown in high-volume printing, typically seen when printing a white undercoat, or solid areas with spot colours. They contain a suite of screens that have shown to improve solid printing at volumes of 4.0 bcm and greater. There are five screens in total: two screens designed for customers without the HD Pixel+ imaging capability and three screens designed to take full advantage of HD Pixel+ imaging.

The combination of Cyrel EASY Plates and the EASY BRITE Screens deliver:

• Better overall consistency and more consistent print of large solid areas.
• Higher print quality.
• Uniform ink layer.
• Elimination of trail edge void.
• Improved appearance of final print.
• Improved opacity, reduced graininess and reduced mottle.
• Flexibility, as they allow printers to go to higher quality levels using their existing setup.

Cyrel FAST 2000 TD processor

The Cyrel FAST 2000 TD processor features several cutting-edge tools and technologies that contribute to higher plate quality, easier workflow and improved machine serviceability. Plates processed in the 2000 TD processor have better cleanout and relief depth uniformity while providing fine line and dot holding. It’s an ideal fit with the Cyrel EASY plate portfolio.

These innovations were showcased at FTA Forum/INFOFLEX 2019 from 6-7 May in New Orleans.

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