DTM Print Introduces New Ink Cartridge For Colour Label Printers

DTM Print Introduces New Ink Cartridge For Colour Label Printers

The new CMY+ Ultra Black Inks for the LX-Series label printers features the latest dye-based ink formula, which delivers deep black, sharp text and bright colours.

DTM Print introduced the new, optional ink cartridge for the LX-Series colour label printers LX600e, LX610e Pro and LX910e by manufacturer Primera Technology, Inc. The ink cartridge is called ‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ and is a single tri-colour ink cartridge.

The LX-Series printers use cyan, magenta and yellow inks to produce process black, which has many advantages over the carbon black inks used by other colour label printers. These include better water resistance, compatibility with a broader range of specialty label media and more resistance to smearing.

As an optional upgrade to the standard CMY ink cartridges, CMY+ Ultra Black has several unique features that make it an ideal choice for certain users:

Some customers need a ‘true’ black due to the design of their labels. CMY+ Ultra Black delivers one of the darkest, most consistent blacks.

Because CMY+ Ultra Black uses dye-based cyan, magenta and yellow that prints at 1200 dpi, the printer’s black text also prints at 1200dpi. Most comparable colour label printers print black text at 600dpi due to their black inks’ carbon black or pigment components. The superior print resolution with CMY+ Ultra Black is very noticeable, especially on small text.

CMY+ Ultra Black, when used with tested and approved substrates, is the most water-resistant ink offered by Primera. DTM Print offers a large variety of label substrates under the brand ‘Genuine DTM Label Stock’ and will help users to find the best material for their application.

‘CMY+ Ultra Black delivers the darkest, most consistent blacks ever, which is perfect for label designs that uses a lot of black,’ said Andreas Hoffmann, Managing Director of DTM Print. ‘An added plus is the higher water resistance compared to other standard dye ink formulas.’


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